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Fujieda studied and analyzed every design option to create new parts. Ulysse Nardin Replica Studio Shizukuishi helped rethink and redesign hairsprings, regulators and balance wheels. Fujieda has dedicated himself to making the 9SA5 slimmer by 1mm (15%) than the previous caliber. This is due to the horizontal placement of barrels and gear train.

Fujieda reduced the thickness of the case to increase comfort on the wrist. A repositioned crown also allows watches equipped with the 9SA5 to fit more comfortably on the arm. The crown was designed to have the same responsiveness as a manual-wound watch. No detail was overlooked in Fujieda's masterpiece.www.omegareplica.me

Aesthetics are also important despite the endless technological progress. The bridge of the movement is based on Mt. Iwate, and the river bend that runs by the Ulysse Nardin Replica Shizukuishi Studio where the 9SA5 watch is made. Fujieda's team supervises every aspect of production, ensuring that the design meets Ulysse Nardin Replica's high standards. This includes manufacturing, assembly and adjustment.

Fujieda says, "There's a value to putting in that effort. It's the same value as achieving accuracy, practicality and pursuing beauty in a watch." "I think that the value of a watch is transmitted beyond time by the person who wears it to others. I will continue to push forward on this belief."

Eichi Hiraya is the designer of the Spring Drive caliber used in the new SLGA001.

Eichi Hiraya, the creator of the new Spring Drive 9RA5, in his hands.

Hiraya Spring Drive 9RA5 powers the new SLGA001.

Accuracy, legibility, beauty. The Shinshu Watch Studio technicians, who created the Spring Drive movement at Seiko, have been able to create a Japanese-style timepiece with this Seiko trademark.Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches The caliber 9RA5 offers a remarkable accuracy of just +10 second per month, while offering a 5-day power reserve.

Eiichi Hiraya is the designer of the 9RA5 and says, "We aimed to create the best Spring Drive Movement." The 9RA5 movement is a movement that celebrates Ulysse Nardin Replica's 60th Anniversary while introducing a new chapter to its history.

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