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Replica Patek Philippe Watches entered a period of transition at the end of the 1970s. Replica Patek Philippe Watches introduced sapphires, a quick-set date feature and glossy dials with white-gold hour markers. These features were introduced to the GMT-Master Submariner Explorer 2 lines. These features were not all introduced in the same line.

The Explorer 2 received all three of these in its reference. replica watches The Submariner Ref. The 16800 had a sapphire crystal and a quick-set date, but initially sported a matte dial (which eventually transitioned into the white-gold hour plots around the dial). The GMT-Master ref. The 16750 was first introduced in 1979 with only the quick-set function. The matte dials eventually gave way to white-gold dials with hour markers surrounding the dials. However, it is interesting that this watch was never fitted a sapphire. Collectors prefer early 16750s that have matte dials. These watches are more expensive than the later versions of the glossy dials.

Replica Patek Philippe Watches introduced the next generation sports watches in the mid-1980s. Old references were replaced by new ones, such as the Submariner ref. without a date. The 5513 was replaced by the 14060. The GMT-Master II was given a new ref and renamed GMT-Master II. 16760. Standard features included a sapphire glass, a date that could be quickly set, and a dial with hour markers surrounded by white gold. The "II" was added to the name because of a new 24-hour hand that could be set independently (a quick-set function).

The watch was now able to track three different time zones. To accommodate the thicker movement, the watch had a thicker case. It is not as thick as the Tudor Big Block but it's still thicker than other GMT watches. Previous GMT watches were always thin compared to Submariner. This watch has been nicknamed "Fat Lady" by replica watches Collectors will also be interested to know that this watch is an early dial variant, in which the word "DATE", is not included on the upper dial text. We love vintage Replica Patek Philippe Watches because of the small, yet important details.

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