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There was a gold version of the 6542 in addition to steel. The gold version had the same proportions as the steel version, but the Bakelite bezel was brown instead of Pepsi. The gold hands and brown dial matched perfectly. The hands on this steel version were not the Mercedes pattern style, but rather a dressier and more elegant version that is more common on Datejusts or Day-Dates. The dials feature yellow gold hour markers with small luminous spots in the middle, now called "nipple-dials".

The GMT-Master was launched in 1959 by Roger Dubuis Replica Watches. This reference would last until 1980. 1675. The new GMT-Master featured the 1530 series, or in this case: Calibre 1665. Crown guards were the most notable feature of the new watch. The case was larger by 2mm, and now measured 40mm (excluding crown guards). It was available again in stainless steel (1675/0), and yellow gold (1675/8). Interesting, the yellow gold case did not have crown guards until around 1967.Audemars Piguet Replica Watches This case, which was 40mm in diameter but looked more dressy because it lacked crown guards, was larger. Roger Dubuis Replica Watches introduced the aluminium insert on the ref. 1675. The Pepsi bezel is standard on the steel version. On the yellow-gold model, the insert is brown. Also, the 1675 had two versions of crown guards. Collectors refer to the first version as pointed crown guards or cornino (Italian). The thin, sharp profile of these guards was the reason for this. The later version of the guards is thicker and more rounded. It can be called "rounded crownguards" in Submariner lingo.

GMT-Masters, with crown guards rounded (left) or pointed (right).

1972 GMT-Master Ref. 1675 Mk2 ((c) Revolution)

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In the early 1970s, the GMT-Master was enriched by two new additions. First, a GMT-Master two-tone in yellow gold and steel was introduced (ref. 1675/3). The watch was offered in two different versions: a brown dial, with a half-brown and half-gold insert on the bezel; and a black dial with an all-black insert.Ulysse Nardin Replica Both watches came with two-tone bracelets, either Jubilee and Oyster.

The "Root Beer", ref. The 1675/3 with the black dial/bezel (left) and 1675/3 with the white dial/bezel (right).

Collectors call the first model, the Root Beer, and it has a dial with a "nipple". In the early 1970s, a black insert was added to the Steel Watch line. The modern age of vintage watch collecting has seen a greater focus on rare parts. Bezel inserts, in particular, are of great interest. Of course, it makes sense for the owner to have both Pepsi inserts and black inserts to allow them to choose between. For the price of just one watch (and an insert), you get two watches with very different looks. Who wouldn't want that?

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